Wealthy Emptiness ~ Your Ultimate Coach
Living Truth ~ realize your true potential, being you

Welcome Home!

Are you living your truth?

Do you know what your truth is?

Or do you know what it is but you do not know how to live it?

Would you like to explore and find out?

Living Truth, personally and professionally is the only path to real freedom, true happiness and deep fulfillment.

Lets explore life, meet truth and find freedom, together!

You do not want to waste any more time!

It IS important!

It IS urgent!

Your time is now!

If not now, when?


Wealthy Emptiness is Your Ultimate Coach in finding and living your truth!

Wealthy Emptiness offers Private Satsang Sessions, Open Meetings and Satsang Retreats as well as Holistic Life Coaching guiding you to finding and living (your) truth ~ to realize your true potential, being you.

Whether you want to improve your dream life or whether you want to wake up from it, I am happy to explore life with you, meet truth and find freedom together.

Serious career and life transitions offer real challenges AND unique opportunities in identifying what is true for us and how to live that truth in daily life.

After a so called successful international career in the financial services industry, I had to face several personal life crises that left me lost, alone and broke. But not broken!

I found healing and deep inner peace in surrendering to the Wealthy Emptiness which is our True Nature and which guided me step by step, one day at a time, to my true purpose and contribution in this lifetime to be of service to the conscious evolution of all Being.

To awaken and enlighten, to relieve suffering and bring joy, to help Beings with this interest find deep inner peace and freedom.

My motivation is your freedom.

My truth of still being here is wanting to be available to you to help you live your truth and find your freedom.

I use a unique blend of satsang, coaching and counseling practices to work intuitively with whatever shows up in this moment.

You speak, we listen, together we make music.


You may connect with me through the contact form below to claim your Free Discovery Session.

All Sessions are on donation basis.

I am looking forward meeting you in Truth soon!


Yessica Alaya Sillekens